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Air Monitoring Device

date_rangeNov 03' 2017 /  (Canada )

QIWI s a dedicated indoor air quality monitor. It touts total VOC sensing, ​I​t can also monitor Carbon Dioxide levels, Humidity, airborne particles up to PM2.5, and of course, temperature.​ ​
Real Time Air Monitoring Device

date_rangeNov 03' 2017 /  (Canada )

The BlueJay is an indoor portable hand- held device that is capable of monitoring pollutant levels wherever you go. Equipped with reliable real-time monitoring and threshold level alerts, you will
Lab Centrifuge 4,500rpm Benchtop Centrifuge Brushless Motor 8 x 15ml

date_rangeSep 08' 2017 /  (China )

Model L-450A Max.speed 4500 rpm Max. RCF: 2420*g Max. Capacity: 12x 10ml, 12x 7/5ml 8x 20ml, 8*15ml, Timer Range 1sec~99 mins Brake: Automatic Motor: Brushless motor Speed accuracy: ±50r/min
Pharmaceutical Herbel Cosmetic Product Neutraceutical foods

date_rangeJun 12' 2017 /  (India )

We are Promoters of Tissue Engineering Products Specially for Cure of Diabetic Foot Ulcer with Herbs , Gastric acidity ,Arthritis Pains of neurons bone Joint Pains ,Weight Obesity Reducing an
Lactobacillus Probiotic sps

date_rangeMay 31' 2017 /  (India )

Lactobacillus Probiotic SPS are found in some fermented foods, such as yogurt, kefir, soy products, and pickles. You can also buy Probiotic supplements in liquid, tablet,
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date_rangeMay 17' 2017 /  (China )

We provide and export high quality and purity research chemicals in large and small quantities ( Please email
Bacteria Separator

date_rangeMar 01' 2011 /  (China )

The bacteria body separator is one kind of the tubular separator,improved one on the base of original machine type which is suitable for bacteria body separation in biological industry.Check valve an