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Candles/Candle Holder/Candle Stands, Herbal Products, Agricultural Commodities and Indian Handicrafts
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date_rangeSep 07' 2007 /  (India )

Candles/Candle Holder/Candle Stands, Herbal Products, Agricultural Commodities and Indian Handicrafts
Handicrafts, Paper Cups and Agriculture Commodities
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date_rangeDec 24' 2006 /  (India )

We are exporting handicraft items with high competitive price with best quality the following items handmade palm leaf Handicrafts, Incense Sticks, Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Leaf Plates, Candles
Candles, Aloe Vera Products, Fruit Juices, Pickles and Jams
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date_rangeSep 07' 2006 /  (India )

We offer all types of Candles such as Aromatherapy Candles, white candles, Gel Candles, Scented Candles, Terro Cotta Candles etc., All Aloe Vera products (Juice, Gel, shampoo etc.,), All fruit J
Pillar Candles, Fragrance Chips and Floating Candles
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date_rangeSep 05' 2006 /  (Malaysia )

Our candles are 100% palm wax based. Try our fragrance chips. They are more economical to use than oils.
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date_rangeMay 28' 2006 /  (India )

We have candles products (With or without scent/essential oils) such as Ball candles, Cylinder candle, Dry flower candle, Cube candle, Floating candle, Terracotta candle, Tea light candle, Birth
Available – Indian Handicrafts, Indian Blue Pottery Products, Handmade Paper Products and Artificial Jewelry
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date_rangeOct 18' 2005 /  (India )

Our company is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter Of Blue-pottery items, Terra Cotta products, ceramics hotel ware and unique combination Jewelry. Our products range from hotel ware,
Available – Spices, Edible Oil and Candles
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date_rangeOct 06' 2005 /  (India )

We have experience in the field of domestic market wish to enter export market. We have finest quality of Indian spices and edible oil ... Offering finest quality Indian spices such as Turmeric
Available – Perfumed and Natural Candles
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date_rangeJul 27' 2005 /  (India )

We offer the most Exclusive and Extensive range of candles. Quality designs for every occasion, at competitive prices. We offer high Quality Candles with a wide range of Top Designs in transluce
Available – Incense and Candles
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date_rangeMay 12' 2005 /  (India )

We supply premium quality Incense sticks, Incense cones, Perfumed sachets, perfumed floral designer candles and terracotta candles and art objects.