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P-Toluene Sulfonamide (PTSA)

date_rangeMar 17' 2015 /  (China )

Product Usage Used in the manufacture of plasticizer, disinfectant, fungicide, fungicides, wood brightener. Also can be used in the production of synthetic resin, the coating, the fluorescent dye, pha
water treatment chemical and ferric chloride liquid,ferric chloride anhydrous,Hydro Chloric Acid,Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda Flakes) , Purity more than 90% ,Sodium Metabisulphate ( Purity more than 90%) and many more
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date_rangeJan 24' 2015 /  (India )

Maruti industries is a division of jalaram group which is existing in chemical markets of Ferric chloride liquid more then 5 decades Maruti group is currently one of the Indias leading Trader and exp
Calcium Carbide

date_rangeDec 26' 2013 /  (China )

Formula: Cac2 Molecular weight: 64.10 Quality standard: GB10665-1997 CAS No.: 75-20-7 Un no.: 1402 Icsc: 0406 H. S. Code: 28491000 Calcium Carbide (50-80mm, 295L) Calcium carbide: 25
Activated Alumina

date_rangeDec 24' 2013 /  (China )

Activated alumina adsorbent is white spherical porous granules, surface smooth, uniform particle size, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water, alcohol and organic solvents, but insoluble i
Molecular Sieves

date_rangeDec 23' 2013 /  (China )

Molecular sieve also called zeolite, is a crystalline aluminum silicate. Its crystal structure has neat and uniform channel, aperture around a molecular level, molecular sieve only allows smaller diam
Zinc Ash 70% Required
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date_rangeAug 23' 2013 /  (India )

we require zinc ash 70%+