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High Quality Continuous Soybean Roaster Machine in High Efficient For Sale

date_rangeOct 25' 2016 /  (China )

It is mainly used sesame, peanuts, beans, beans, seeds, nuts, dried and roasted nuts and other hot products. Advantage 1.It reduces the labor,improves operating efficiency 2.It has reasonable heat
Best Quality Peanut or Walnut Chopping Machine in High Efficient On Sale

date_rangeOct 24' 2016 /  (China )

This machine is mainly used in food processing industry:beans,nuts(such as peanuts,almonds,walnut,hazelnut,chestnut)different particle size materials chopped. It with high production,eq
Advanced Almond Skin Removing Machine with High Efficient For Sale

date_rangeOct 21' 2016 /  (China )

This machine can be used to peel the skin of peanut, almond, bean, broad bean in wet way(after being soaked in water). Wet type almond peeling machine is specially designed for peeling the brown skin
High Efficient Cashew Peeling Machine in Good Quality On Sale

date_rangeOct 21' 2016 /  (China )

The nuts can be peeled automatically without any injury and the kernels can be kept smooth and whole. The products confirms to national environmental sanitation standard, and is in conformity with any
Hot Selling Chestnut Roasting Machine in High Quality By Electric

date_rangeOct 21' 2016 /  (China )

This machine has single head and double heads two types, electric heating. It is rotary stirring stainless steel bowl frying machine, which can be used to roast chestnut, peanut, walnut, pine nuts, al
Multifunctional Oat Peeling Machine with High Efficient

date_rangeOct 18' 2016 /  (China )

It is mainly used to peel the rice, wheat, corn, mung bean, buckwheat and so on. it remove the hard skin and germ of corns, and it improves the effect of tasting and e
Dry Type Red Coated Peanut Peeling Machine For Sale

date_rangeOct 18' 2016 /  (China )

This is a specialized equipment to dry peel the red coat of peanut. It is widely used in the previous peeling process of fried peanut, spiced peanut, peanut protein milk powder ,eight-treasure congee,
Hot Sale Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine with High Quality

date_rangeOct 18' 2016 /  (China )

Steamed stuffed bun machine

date_rangeOct 13' 2016 /  (China )

The machine designed on the basis of dynamics, in order to balance the density and pore of products. It is beyond the handmade both in taste and appearance. This machine control by the high quality
Low Temp Chiller

date_rangeOct 12' 2016 /  (China )

This series of portable water chillers offer water-cooled type and air-cooled type. All models are equipped with compressor and pump overload protector, phase shortage and reversal alarm, anti - freez