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Base Oil

date_rangeNov 07' 2016 /  (UAE )

Zista Group supply of Base Oil is direct from Iranian Refineries and we have been empowered to develop market for Iranian Base Oil in East Asia. We are in position to supply different grades of Base
EP Antiwear Additive

date_rangeNov 27' 2015 /  (China )

T321A, New type Sulfurized isobutylene without chlorine using new technology, with high sulfur content have unique solubility in mineral oils, excellent extreme pressure (EP) property and thermal st
- Transformer Oil
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date_rangeDec 21' 2012 /  (India )

- Castor Oil
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date_rangeMay 14' 2012 /  (India )

We are supplying castor seed & oil , its derivatives. focusing on first special grade castor oil, commercial grade castor oil, pale pressed castor oil, Dco, Usp, Hco.
Virgin Base Oil

date_rangeAug 01' 2011 /  (Singapore )

There are five specific categories of base oils. These categories define the type of base stock the oil is formulated from. The categories are as follows. Note that the base oil group category is foll
Crude Oil (BLCO) and D2
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date_rangeJun 25' 2008 /  (USA )

We are a reputable Minnesota, USA based petroleum marketers of the BoNNy Light Crude Oil. We are accredited by the Minnesota BBB, a Legal corporation in good standing with U.S department of Commer
Used Engine Oil, Bitumen 80/100 and Polycarbonate Sheet
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date_rangeJun 03' 2008 /  (Saudi Arabia )

We are exporting used engine oil, bitumen 80/100, steel drum (barrel) (200kg)and polycarbonate sheet. Shipment Mode: By Sea Freight Price Quote: F.O.B Nearest Port Rates
Bitumen 80/100 and Used Engine Oil
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date_rangeMay 19' 2008 /  (Saudi Arabia )

We can supply Bitumen 80/100, Used engine Oil and Steel Drum (200kg) 1500000 empty steel drum (1 package from Arramco)
Revitalizant for Engines
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date_rangeApr 26' 2008 /  (Ukraine )

Revolutionary technology, designed for wear protection and restoring repair of gasoline and diesel engines without disassembling. A new metalloceramics coating is formed on the surfaces of frict