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date_rangeNov 13' 2017 /  (Malaysia )

HP Designjet 8000s Print Head - Q6670-60001 This original HP Designjet 8000s print head is delivered together with HP flush cartridge. This Konica Minolta 256 14 pl printhead is compact and offers hi
14Layer HDI PCB with BGA, 2.4mm board thickness,

date_rangeNov 01' 2017 /  (China )

14Layer HDI PCB with BGA, 2.4mm board thickness, blue solermask, surface finished by Immersion Gold 1. PCB P/N:389612 2. Layer:14L 3. Material: FR-4 4. Board thk:2.4mm 5. copper thk:35UM 6. Smal
PCB Spring Terminal Block

date_rangeFeb 21' 2011 /  (China )

Custom manufacturer of PCB terminal blocks. Types of terminal blocks including screw clamp terminal blocks, spring clamp terminal blocks. Other terminal blocks including Pluggable terminal blocks, bar
Tantalum Capacitors

date_rangeFeb 14' 2011 /  (China )

Lepos now offers a full range of tantalum capacitors (chip tantalum capacitors and dip tantalum capacitors) comply with strict requirements of our precious customers. Chip tantalum capacitors are incr
Film Capacitors

date_rangeFeb 14' 2011 /  (China )

Film capacitors from Lepos include metalized polyester film capacitors, metalized polypropylene film capacitors, and film-foil polypropylene capacitors. Film capacitor is a kind of excellent capacitor
Electrolytic Capacitors

date_rangeFeb 14' 2011 /  (China )

Electrolytic capacitors are used in relatively high-current and low-frequency electrical circuits, particularly in power supply filters, where they store charge needed to moderate output voltage and c
Chip Resistors

date_rangeFeb 14' 2011 /  (China )

Lepos furnishes several sizes of chip resistors including 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1201, 1812, 2010, and 2512. These resistors have the features of compact size, light weight, stable electrical perform
Metal Film Resistors

date_rangeFeb 14' 2011 /  (China )

Metal film resistors provided by Lepos have small size, low noise, and excellent stability, can be used as precise resistors and applied to diversified radio electronic devices. The rated power of Lep