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Agent From Andhra Pradesh

date_rangeApr 29' 2019 /  (India )

I am an agent from Andhra Pradesh mainly working on Agricultural products. I can procure the below products from farmers directly. Chick Pea, Garbanzo, Palmarosa Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Fish (Regandi, Bocheche, Bangarutheega).

date_rangeMar 05' 2019 /  (India )

caco3 calcium carbonate

date_rangeFeb 25' 2019 /  (India )

we are able supply caco3

date_rangeJan 24' 2019 /  (India )

we will sulphur to any were in the world

date_rangeDec 20' 2018 /  (India )

We are designed new HR . SOFTWARE .Please find the details of our HR. software. We are an organization devoted exclusively to cater to all HR needs vide automation. HR. SOFTWARE has made easier for people to securely share ideas, collaborate...
Chick Pea, Garbanzo Beans

date_rangeNov 05' 2018 /  (India )

We grow Chick Pea and Garbanzo beans and looking to export from India.
Herbs And Organic Products

date_rangeAug 16' 2018 /  (India )

We offer Indian Herbs, Honey, Organic products from India.
Essential Oils & Moringa Leaf

date_rangeAug 16' 2018 /  (India )

We offer Essential Oils and Moringa Leaf from India. Eucalyptus Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Rosemary etc and Organic Moringa Leaf / Moringa Leaf products.
Instant Tea Coffee Food Health Drinks

date_rangeJun 11' 2018 /  (India )

please contact me for your requirement for instant snacks, instant drink,instant food, instant food,instant tea coffee drinks, instant energy drink etc
Fresh Lemons

date_rangeMay 29' 2018 /  (India )

Cultivating fresh lemons is our strategy. We have largest seedless lime plantation in our region. Currently we have 100 tons of stock with us. Costing is from 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs.