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Storage Battery Comprehensive Discharge Tester

date_rangeJul 17' 2015 /  (China )

Productintroduction RY-C48seriesStorageBatteryComprehensiveDischargeTesterwhichdevelopedbyRuiyanitselfisdedicatedtocheckstoragebatterydischargeexperiment,capacityTesting,internalresistancetesting,batterymaintenance,acceptanceofprojectandotherDCpowerloadcapacitytestanddesign.Usingthelatestwirelesscommunicationtechnology,real-timemonitoringofbatterydischargeprocess,monitoringeachsectionofthebatterydischargeprocess,throughPC,Android,iOS,
- Testing Product

date_rangeMay 05' 2015 /  (India )

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date_rangeMay 05' 2015 /  (India )

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date_rangeMar 13' 2015 /  (India )

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date_rangeJul 11' 2014 /  (India )

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Pregnancy Test Strip

date_rangeJul 04' 2014 /  (China )

strip pregnancy test kit
Tetracycline Rapid Test Kit

date_rangeOct 13' 2013 /  (China )

Tetracycline Rapid Test Kit The Nankai Biotech Tetracyclines Residue Rapid Test Strip is used to qualitatively or quantitatively detect Tetracyclines (including Tetracycline, Oxybicycline, chlorotetracycline, deoxytetracycline) in seafood and fish, meat(chicken, pork, beef), honey, milk and eggs. SmarKIT Rapid Tests...
- Flow Meter Tester

date_rangeApr 06' 2013 /  (India )

We have available with us all the different varieties of flow meter testers that are custom manufactured as per the changing testing requirements of the customers. This extra ordinary range of flow meter testers is of unmatched quality that brings...
Global Fastest Cpu Dual Mode Double To Smart Phones

date_rangeAug 10' 2011 /  (China )

Immunoassay Test Kits

date_rangeJun 29' 2011 /  (USA )

EIA ) We are offering complete line of EIA test kits in 96 panel tests with reader and washers for the kits. Please contact for complete list of these kits. atlaslink8@yahoo.com