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Available – Ship For Breaking
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date_rangeJul 07' 2004 /  (Ecuador )

I have a ship that was built in 1969 and I want to sell it as scrap iron. If you are interested please contact me. Thank you
Available – Ship For Breaking
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date_rangeJul 07' 2004 /  (Ukraine )

This is to inform you that we would like to sell our vessel on scrap at India. As per my information prices are varying from 350 USD up to 380 USD per 1 MT. our vessel's light weight is...
Available – Dental/ Surgical And Manicure Instruments
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date_rangeJul 03' 2004 /  (Pakistan )

Welcome to Saad Surgical, here the customer satisfaction is the priority, We are to provide the best quality in dental surgical and manicure instruments at competitive price on timely with customer satisfaction. Please if you would like any information about...
Available – Jute, Natural Coconut Fibers, Polymers, Polypropylene And Accessories
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date_rangeJun 30' 2004 /  (UK )

We are looking for buyers majorly in European countries and US. We are recent members of your site
Available - Energy
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date_rangeJun 21' 2004 /  (Thailand )

Sell anthracite power / grain for filter, battery, glass, coal industries.
Available - Woman And Children Shoes
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date_rangeMar 22' 2004 /  (Brazil )

Available - Antique/Classic Cars
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date_rangeMay 16' 2004 /  (Brazil )

We have available for sale, Antique cars, classic cars from 1925 up to 1972 different makes and models, American and European as well. These cars need complete restoration. If interested in a classic completely restored, it can be done however...
Available – Gas Generators
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date_rangeMay 03' 2004 /  (UK )

We have Gas Generators in stock for sale We have 3 types of Gas Generators 1 Hg-150 Hydrogen Generator 2 Microzag Zeroair Generator 5l 3 Nitrogen Generator Ng1l All this generator are made from Labgas Instrument Co. Made In...
Available - Juice Packaging, Ice Cream Cone Sleeves, Aluminum Products And Any Kind Of Flexible Products
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date_rangeApr 20' 2004 /  (Turkey )

We are a flexible packaging company producing ice cream cone sleeves, PE extruded juice packaging, aluminum products, located in Istanbul, Turkey.
Available - Blue LED Lamps
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date_rangeApr 20' 2004 /  (Korea )

Dear Sir, We would like to sell our low-class Blue Led lamp at U$0.05/pc (FOB Korea) but your order quantity must be over 1 Mil. per release. But, this luminous intensity of Blue Led lamp is...