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Frozen Milkfish for Bait

date_rangeMar 28' 2018 /  (Indonesia )

PRODUCT: FROZEN MILKFISH FOR BAIT Latin Name: Chanos Chanos Origin: Indonesia Part: Whole round, frozen Quality: Grade A, for bait, not for human consumption Packaging: 10 KG per master carton a

date_rangeNov 28' 2017 /  (India )

Offering Fish Oil, Steam Dried Fish Meal, Shark Liver Oil, Fish Soluble Paste, Cod Liver Oil, Squalene Oil, Dry fish, Shrimp Head Meal, Dry Prawn Shell, Dry Fish, Squid Meal.
Fish Farming Cage

date_rangeDec 07' 2016 /  (Taiwan )

Injection moulded HDPE plastic brackets Ring: 3 or 2 rings (3 or 2 holes) Pipe: OD200mm, OD 250mm or OD315mm, OD450mm OD500mm, PE100, PN10~PN16 Strength and stability Low maintenance and easy asse
Meat and Bone Feather Mixed Fish and Feather Meal

date_rangeOct 23' 2015 /  (Vietnam )

I am glad to make an offer of meat and bone meal feather meal and mixed feather and fish meal 70 feather 30 fish
Fish Meal

date_rangeJun 25' 2013 /  (Malaysia )

We offer Fish meal or frozen fish We offer Fish Meal -Steam Dried . Quality & Specifications Crude Protein:65%(min Crude Fat : 14% max Moisture: 10% max Ash:: 23% Max TVBN: 100% MAX Antioxid