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date_rangeMar 10' 2017 /  (China )

Mirror Glass is indispensable in our life, especially for lady‘s life. Besides of the use in cosmetics, Mirror can also be used in Mirror Wall, Shower Room, Wardrobe etc. Neo Mirror can become safet
LED Brick for Architecture

date_rangeMar 03' 2017 /  (China )

Shone’s LED brick has been a leading brand of the whole LED market since its introduction. The greatest feature is that it can be the intelligent luminous building material. According to the designs
LED Linear Lights for building

date_rangeMar 03' 2017 /  (China )

The ultimate pursuit of Shone led linear light: the excellent control performance of narrow and thin lighting fixture, the buildings shall be increased in value. Especially suitable for the urban lan
Multi rock pebble

date_rangeJan 13' 2017 /  (China )

We China Borrello Stone is the leading and professional supplier of landscaping stone. We can produce and supply range of 80-100 type pebbles. Size range from 1-2mm to big size 6-10cm, 10-15 cm. We
Good thermal stability chopped basalt fiber from factory

date_rangeJan 06' 2017 /  (China )

Basalt Fiber Chopped Strands are usually coated with a sizing/binder to make them compatible with other materials and elements with which it has to co-exists the primaryend product, this product is re
Acid-proof basalt fiber rebar

date_rangeJan 06' 2017 /  (China )

BFRP rebar is made from high strength basalt roving along with an extremely durable vinyl ester or epoxy resin by combining the pultrusion process and in-line winding and coating process for the outsi
best products for import basalt chopped fiber

date_rangeJan 06' 2017 /  (China )

Chopped basalt fiber is continuous filament cut to predetermined lengths. The filament diameter usually ranges from 5.5um to 25 um, its length ranges from 6mm to 100mm. Different use of surface are co
Diamond Segments wire saws

date_rangeJul 14' 2016 /  (China )

Diamond Segments. Our segments are welded on the Saw Blades.
RYMAX 3D Decor Panel Laser Engraved Plate Disco Panel Shinning Board

date_rangeJul 05' 2016 /  (China )

RYMAX 3D Decor Panel | Laser Engraved Plate | Disco Panel | Shinning Board RYMAX 3D Decor Panel is a new type fantastic decorative material made by advance processing technology and unique machines o
Solid surface stone artificial stone form manufactured stone veneer

date_rangeJun 27' 2016 /  (China )

Boao artificial rock face mushroom stone are made of white cement, shale ceramisite, BYER pigment, sand and other aggregate materials. After years of accumulative experience, we have developed more th