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Available - Plastic Packaging
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date_rangeOct 01' 2004 /  (UK )

PP one ton bag 50x50x50,70x70x70,90x90x90. PP shoe bags 71x142(white and clear) PP box bags 69x69x137,120x80x112,122x122x64,84x84x70 Laminated,23x81x71(white) Cut sheets black 215x300,97x300. Env
Available - Spun Silk Yarns, Noil Silk Yarns, Silk Fabrics, Silk Slivers, Silk Waste Degummed
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date_rangeAug 24' 2004 /  (India )

We are having complete Silk Process, Silk Waste, Silk Slivers, Tops, Noils , Noils Silk Yarns , Spun Silk Yarns, Silk Fabrics, Degummed Silk Waste, Dupion Silk Yarns, Dupion Silk Fabrics, Etc
Available - Diphenyl Oxide, Drug Coat (Coating Polymers)
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date_rangeAug 22' 2004 /  (India )

We are Pioneer manufacturer In India. We are manufacturing (1) Diphenyl Oxide(Used in Soaps, Detergents and Perfumery Compounds) (2) Drug coat(Pharma coating Polymers, Methacrylic Acid copolymers,
Available - Jute, Coir Products, Plastic Packaging Materials, Polypropylene and Steel Strapping
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date_rangeJul 27' 2004 /  (UK )

We supply all biodegradable natural fibers such as jute yarn, scrim cloth, Hessian bags, carpet backing, netting, bags and sacks, with or without lamination, gift bags printed or unprinted, even
Available -Powder Coatings
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date_rangeJul 09' 2004 /  (India )

We are the leading manufacturers of Powder Coatings in India with a range of around 1100 shades in generics of Pure Polyester, PU, Epoxy polyester and Pure epoxy at various gloss levels : high ,
Available – Jute, Natural Coconut Fibers, Polymers, Polypropylene and Accessories
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date_rangeJun 30' 2004 /  (UK )

We are looking for buyers majorly in European countries and US. We are recent members of your site
Available – Pet Bottle Flakes-Regrind/Washed
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date_rangeApr 26' 2004 /  (India )

We Can Supply Pet Bottles Regrind Flakes / Baled In Large Qty regularly.
Available - Juice Packaging, Ice Cream Cone Sleeves, Aluminum Products and Any kind of Flexible Products
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date_rangeApr 20' 2004 /  (Turkey )

We are a flexible packaging company producing ice cream cone sleeves, PE extruded juice packaging, aluminum products, located in Istanbul, Turkey.
Available - Plastic Products
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date_rangeMar 09' 2004 /  (India )

Available all types of plastic goods at very low rates.