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HD Sharp-Razor Casing Scraper

date_rangeJul 19' 2018 /  (China )

Introduction The HD Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper consists of: a high-strength, one-piece mandrel and is designed to meet the demands of Complex wellbore cleanups. By allowing a higher RPM and weig
Giant-Mag Magnet

date_rangeJul 19' 2018 /  (China )

Giant-Mag Magnet is a wellbore clean-up magnet suitable for all downhole conditions and with robust, high performance features, is designed to recover large volumes of ferrous debris to ensure the int
Grand-Mix (GM) Combination casing cleaning tools

date_rangeJul 19' 2018 /  (China )

Our product consist of the latest generation scraper, brush and high capacity magnet, combined them into a simplified and rugged tool, which has an integral magnet section to capture ferrous debris, s
Conventional Workover Rig

date_rangeJun 09' 2015 /  (China )

The power, drawworks and transmission of XJ350, XJ550, XJ650, XJ750 and XJ1000 whole series of workover rigs all are installed on the carrier, quick and convenient for moving and installation.
Brand New Caterpillar G3520C Genset for Sale at Attractive Price

date_rangeMar 17' 2015 /  (USA )

Caterpillar G3520C generator set is one of the most popular and highly efficient generator across the natural gas gensets range Promising a great ROI here is the basic features and specification for t
Heat Exchangers

date_rangeFeb 25' 2013 /  (India )

We JC Equipments Pvt Ltd take Pleasure to Introduce Ourselves as one of the leading Designers, Manufacturers & Exporting of all kind of pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers, air receivers, chillers, oil
3 Component Geophone

date_rangeApr 03' 2011 /  (China )

It is one kind of geophone applied for three-component seismic prospecting. The level and rotation sense are adjustable. With features of robust, light weight and convenient for field operation. It ca
Fixed Mine Car For Coal Mine

date_rangeFeb 15' 2011 /  (China )

We are the professional manufacture of all kinds of mine car, such as fixed mine car, side-dumping mine car, bucket-tipping mine car, material supplying mine car, mining flat car,etc. with different c
Side Dumping Mine Car

date_rangeFeb 15' 2011 /  (China )

Usage: Side dump mine cars are suitable for surface and underground mining of metal mine or other mine, to transport the ore, waste rocks and other materials along the underground tunnels and the su
Oil Field Chemicals
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date_rangeMay 28' 2007 /  (India )

Manufacturers and exporters of oil field chemicals, mud chemicals, lost circulation material, viscosities, thinners, lubricants, lab instruments, bunk houses, mud engineering services, mud school,