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spray dried coffee

date_rangeDec 05' 2017 /  (India )

100% Coffee or different Coffee chicory blends 70/30 , 60/40,50/50 , 40/60 , 33/33/34. Price range starting from $ 4/kg -$ 4.5/kg and above.Bulk Pack 25 kgs Cardboard carton Minimum quantity – 3 t
Freeze dried Coffee

date_rangeDec 05' 2017 /  (India )

Also we are trading in Freeze dried coffee and can offer from different origin like Vietnam , Brazil , Equador, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain.
Cocoa Beans Dry Raw Natural Fino de Aroma Arriba from Ecuador, Worldwide

date_rangeAug 23' 2017 /  (USA )

Cocoa beans. Cocoa beans raw dry cocoa beans. All required papers available for export. Shipping by 12ft and 24ft containers for whole world. Shipping of smaller quantities and samples is also possib
Very good cocoa beans

date_rangeAug 23' 2017 /  (USA )

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details Capacity 2000 MT 20 ft. container 30% TT 70% LOC must be released for every 10 containers 10 containers = 200MT Irrevocable LC f
Premium Quaity Hand Made Herbal Green Tea

date_rangeAug 22' 2017 /  (India )

I am looking for a Bulk Buyer. For PREMIUM QUALITY, HAND MADE, 100% NATURAL GREEN TEA. Directly from Tea Estate Assam (India). Our Tea is Fssai approved and has been made with technical guidance of As
Stellar ClearTaste Stevia Tablets and Sachets
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date_rangeAug 16' 2017 /  (India )

Available for Marketing / Distribution Stellar The ClearTaste Stevia Tablets and Sachets. Unlike any other stevia brand, the Taste of Stellar Stevia is clearer and can be seen in the clear colourless
Green Tea

date_rangeAug 04' 2017 /  (India )

Whole leaf grade Green Tea for sale Grade Super Fine Grade Hyson quantity 2000 kgs per month price on request
Fresh vegetable and fruits

date_rangeJul 08' 2017 /  (India )

fresh vegetable and fruits with 100% organic and free from chemical
herbal tea

date_rangeJul 06' 2017 /  (Iran )

TEAVAS black & green tea; We provide a wide range of quality black & green teas that are ethically sourced from the finest tea estates from Iran and Kenya, giving you premium, fine quality loose teas

date_rangeJul 06' 2017 /  (Iran )

TEAVAS Saffron; Saffron, botanical name crocus sativus, is the most expensive spice in the world. Derived from the dried stigmas of the purple saffron crocus, it takes anything from 70,000 to 250,000