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Investment Casting Foundry Machines

date_rangeJul 18' 2018 /  (India )

We are manufacturers and exporters of Investment casting foundry machines. Wax Injection machines, Dewax Autoclave, Shell Knockout machine, Abrasive Cutoff, Ceramic core Leaching Autoclave, Ceramic Injection Machines, Slurry Mixers, etc....
Investment Casting

date_rangeApr 20' 2017 /  (China )

Qinhuang Dao AnYe Metal Pars. Inc., a professional investment casting manufacturer through lost wax casting process in China,it uses two types of lost wax casting processes, silica sol shell process and soluble glass process, to produce investment castings. It...
Aluminum Investment Casting

date_rangeApr 20' 2017 /  (China )

We mainly produce aluminum investment casting with the material of A356 T6. The aluminum lost wax casting made by silica sol shell process is widely used in many industrial fields, such as aerospace, military, automobile, electronic equipments and so on....
Stainless Steel Investment Castings

date_rangeApr 20' 2017 /  (China )

Stainless steel investment casting or stainless steel lost wax casting is our most important products. ANYE has two professional branch plants producing stainless steel investment castings. One plant uses lost wax casting process to produce normal stainless steel casting, such...
Steel Investment Casting

date_rangeApr 20' 2017 /  (China )

Through lost wax casting process, Qinhuang Dao AnYe Metal Pars. Inc. has been producing many kinds of steel investment casting including alloy steel casting and carbon steel casting. The main material of alloy steel investment casting is the following: 20Cr,...
Vacuum Investment Casting

date_rangeApr 20' 2017 /  (China )

Vacuum investment castings are those investment cast needing to be done by vacuum melting furnace because they are normally used in the condition with high end corrosion and abrasion resistance at the most extreme temperature. They are also known as...
Machined Components Of Investment Casting

date_rangeDec 30' 2011 /  (India )

Manufacturing & Exporting CNC Machined Components of Investment Casting & Die Casting for the use in Automotive Industry.
Investment Casting,precision Casting

date_rangeMar 08' 2011 /  (China )

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of stainless steel, plain carbon steel, alloy steel,and super alloy precision castings,which are widely used in mechanical manufacturing industry, some of which are hardware tools; machinery for textile, mining,...
Investment Castings

date_rangeAug 23' 2007 /  (India )

We are an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company. We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Investment Castings by Lost wax Process in ferrous materials confirming to IS, ASTM, BIS, DIN Standards. Many years of our experience gives us the ability to...