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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

date_rangeDec 28' 2017 /  (India )

Chin Tairy Automatic Voltage Regulator provides perfect and standardized power source for your precision machinery and installation. Running in stable power source, the breakdown rate of machinery can not only be reduced but also save a great number of maintenance...
Industry 4.0 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

date_rangeDec 28' 2017 /  (India )

Through information & communications technology (ICT) to connect and it apply the industry 4.0 artificial intelligence efficiently, and it can through computer or phone to monitor to achieve Internet of Things (IoT) interconnection
SBW Series Three Phase Big Power Voltage Stabilizer

date_rangeDec 27' 2017 /  (China )

1. Product Name: Voltage Stabilizer 2. Model Number: SBW 3. Output Current: Customized 4. Input Voltage: Customized 5. Output Voltage: Customized 6. Output Voltage Accuracy: 2%-4% 7. Waveform Distortion: <0.1% 8. Capacity: 0.5VA—2500KVA 9. Frequency: 50/
Battery Chargers, Inverters, Servo Stabilizers And UPS

date_rangeNov 05' 2009 /  (India )

Dear Sir, We are dealing with all types of battery chargers, single phase and three phase battery chargers, pure sine wave inverters, servo stabilizer single phase, line interactive ups, industrial servo stabilizer, 12 volts battery chargers and online UPS If...