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Tungsten Carbide Scrap

date_rangeMar 30' 2015 /  (Latvia )

We have 5 tons available of good quality tungsten carbide scrap in different shapes mixed and we give at very good prices. We are in Riga and export to any location where needed by good potential clients. Serious inquiries are...

date_rangeOct 12' 2012 /  (India )

can supply 500 kg per day and in a week 3500 kg or 3 tonnes can be supplied In one month 1 container can be supplied The product is originally from Rwanda Africa

date_rangeSep 25' 2012 /  (India )

Tungsten is a very hard dense silvery white lustrous metal that tarnishes in air forming a protective oxide coating In powder form tungsten is gray The metal has the highest melting point of all metals and at temperatures over 1650...
Titanium, Tungsten Metal And Alnico Magnets

date_rangeMar 28' 2006 /  (India )

We have ready stocks of A. Titanium turning / pieces / sheets / sieves B. Tunsgten alloy metal C. Alnico metal magnets Kindly revert with your interest
Available - Shearing Blades, Industrial Knives & Liner, Ceramic & Tungsten Coated

date_rangeApr 25' 2005 /  (India )

We are the manufacterer of the above items with a proven track records since 1960 we wanted customer from india