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1,4-Butanediol / BDO, Aimee@speedgainpharma.com

date_rangeJan 07' 2019 /  (China )

Here are some of our hot sale products: BMK glycidate Cas16648-44-5 PMK glycidate Cas13605-48-6 Mk-2866 Cas 1202044-20-9  Mk-677 Cas 159752-10-0 GBL / Gamma-Butyrolactone Liquid CAS 96-48-0 1,4-...
ZP- 9A Rotary Tablet Press, Professional Pill Making Machine (Shipped In 6 Parts)

date_rangeJan 07' 2019 /  (China )

ZP9A ROTARY TABLET PRESS Designed of GMP This machine is a new generation product of our factory, and it is a continuous and automatic rotary tablet press for pressing various kinds of different shape tablets and also plain tablets. 1....
Red Hard Wheat

date_rangeJan 06' 2019 /  (Israel )

RED HARD WHEAT Origin: Russia , Ukraine , Canada , , Australia High Protien Conent Type 30%
12x10 Inch Heavy Duty Sand Pump

date_rangeJan 04' 2019 /  (China )

12x10 inch Heavy duty sand pump is a single stage, single casing, centrifugal horizontal pump driven by electric motor diesel engine. Large flow passage allows large particle solids, with advantages of high efficiency, wear resistant, wide flow channel, good ability...

date_rangeJan 04' 2019 /  (Taiwan )

all kinds of screws

date_rangeJan 02' 2019 /  (Bangladesh )

we are one of the leading Agriculture product exporters in Bangladesh and we export fresh potatoes and other products as well from Bangladesh to overseas countries
Soundproof Artistic Office Single Glass Partition

date_rangeJan 02' 2019 /  (China )

glass partition features: 1. During the use of glass partitions, the doors, windows, physical modules and partitions can be exchanged at any time and can be reassembled and reused. After the materials are disassembled and assembled, the damage is minimal,...
7bar ,8bar , 5.5-132KW Screw Air Compressor ,

date_rangeDec 29' 2018 /  (China )

We are a professional in Researching & Developing, Producing and marketing various kinds of air compressor for more than 8 years. The production line is consist of screw air compressor from 5.5KW to 450KW, VSD , Oil-free, Piston air compressor ......
Sodium Sulfate Transparent Filler Masterbatch

date_rangeDec 28' 2018 /  (China )

Good for transparent LDPE film. Very white in appearance and a litte salty in taste. Recommended for transparent LDPE film & transparent HDPE film. Plastic sodium sulfate masterbatch named as sodium sulfate additive,sodium sulphate compound,plastic NaS04 composite,NaS04 extender,
Pvc Strip Curtain

date_rangeDec 28' 2018 /  (China )

pvc strip curtain,pvc sheet,pvc film,pvc welding screens. Size:200mm*2mm*50m ,300mm*3mm*50m ,400mm*4mm*50m ,pvc sheet: max wide:1.8m